Recently Funded $1,350,000 Bank Statement Loan

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Recently Funded $1,350,000 Bank Statement Loan

With a diverse portfolio of successful businesses, including a mortgage brokerage, this borrower presented us with a unique challenge. Not only did we assist him in promptly settling an impending construction loan, but we also facilitated a substantial cash-out opportunity. To make this happen, we qualified him with bank statement accounts from two of his businesses. We made a special exception to qualify this rural property with bank statements, driven by the compensating factors of his low LTV and an impeccable FICO score. 

Loan Details: 

Location: Donnelly, ID 

Loan Program: Apex Prime – Bank Statement Program 

Loan Amount: $1,350,000 

Transaction Type: Cash-Out Refinance 

Property Type: SFR 

Occupancy: Primary 

Loan Term: 30-Year Fixed